Lisa, 28, is a nurse. Josh, 29, is a litigation consultant. They will live in Montgomery County.

The Main Event: They’ll say their vows Aug. 17, 2012.

How They Met: At Union Jack’s in Bethesda. “She literally bumped into me.”

First Impressions: “He was really slick in the way he asked for my number. He was showing me a picture on his phone and casually said, ‘You can put your number in there.””

First Date: Seeing “The Hangover.” “She stood up and said, ‘Wasn’t that the funniest movie ever?’ and I knew she was my kind of woman.”

How He Proposed: At the same center in Germantown where they went on their first date. He pulled the ring box out of his sock.

Their Song: Brad Paisley’s “Then,” “because it explains exactly how our love happened,” Lisa says.

When She Knew: When her family loved him. “They never approved of my past boyfriends.”