Someone needs to tell Guns N’ Roses screamer Axl Rose that his status as a world-class [jerk] is secured and no longer needs constant tending. Also, that grown-ups are responsible for their own actions and finger-pointing rarely wears well.” thought that Rose’s interview with VH1’s “That Metal Show” this weekend was in poor taste. Rose blamed bandmate Slash and the band’s management for the group’s chronic show tardiness during its 1991 “Use Your Illusion” tour.

How did we get to a place where Bo Pelini is desperately needed to remind us that our children are more important than a football game? The answer lies in State College, Pennsylvania, where a Nebraska football coach’s words should be bronzed and never forgotten.” admired the fact that the Nebraska head coach expressed his view that Saturday’s game against Penn State should have been canceled after allegations of child sex abuse against a former Penn State football coach surfaced last week.

First, it’s wonderful, and secondly, it is evocative of all those sets of colored pencils I demolished when I was a child. Finally, it made me wonder whether, even if I had the technical know-how, if I would have the patience and tenacity to sit down and create something as painstaking as this. The answer to that question was a resounding no!” enjoyed the stop-motion animation featured in the band Hudson’s new video for the song “Against the Grain.”

Let me make that more succinct: Apple rejected mobile Flash, mobile Flash died. Adobe recognized that, among other reasons (inherent [crappiness] of product being one of them) it couldn’t proceed with the back of the tech world’s darling turned to it.” breaks down why Adobe has effectively phased out its Flash program for mobile devices.

Just because the details are particularly provocative doesn’t mean we should suspend our hopes (and expectations) for East of the River. This is not an opportunity for some to sit in judgement (often under the cover of a screen name) and say, ‘What would you expect from Ward 8?!’” reacts to news that Natasha Dasher, the owner of Uniontown Bar & Grill in Anacostia, is facing felony drug trafficking charges.