Never in my life have I waited out on the street to attend an event, and I certainly never spent five days in a tent in the rain waiting for a movie premiere. But that’s just what the Twihards are doing in L.A. right now. These kids are nuts.” is amazed by the number of fans who are going to such lengths to see the premiere of “Breaking Dawn — Part 1” due in theaters on Friday.

There’s not much else to be said about this brief trailer, except: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Please excuse the mature adults in your midst who are currently running around in circles on the floor. This is just very exciting for some of us.” is geeking out after seeing a preview released Monday for the “Hunger Games” movie, starring Jennifer Lawrence, above.

I don’t see Chelsea Clinton being the next Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey, but she is a left-winger, so she does have that in common with those famed interviewers. Guess someone at Rockefeller Center thought bringing her on would generate ratings. How much do you want to bet hiring Chelsea is just a way to get Bill Clinton on their network more often?” reacts to word that NBC News has hired the former first daughter as a special correspondent.

Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw join for a 2012 ‘Brothers of the Sun’ stadium tour. This makes it a lot easier to avoid seeing them separately.”
@TwangNation doesn’t plan on seeing the two country mega-stars, who announced their tour dates Monday.

Perhaps you were watching the Bills/Cowboys game and happened to see the Bills’ David Nelson [who scored] a touchdown, then ran the length of the field to his girlfriend, who is a Cowboys cheerleader, gave her the ball and hugged her. Cute, right? Wrong! This little gesture of love has sparked criticism from both teams’ fans that they want her fired.” was a bit surprised to see the backlash in reaction to Nelson’s celebration, which included his girlfriend, Kelsi Reich, on Sunday at Cowboys Stadium.