It’s difficult to take the whole manufactured ‘controversy’ seriously. This is Benetton, which has a track record of making shocking ads to generate buzz. It’s worked before. … Judging from the outcry, ‘Unhate’ is working, too.” wasn’t moved by the Italian clothing company’s new ads, which show Photoshopped images of world leaders kissing, such as President Obama and Hugo Chavez, above. One featuring the Pope and and imam was pulled once the Vatican denounced it as an unacceptable provocation.

Well, this might explain why D.C. is routinely being charged with lack of style. Not bad style. Just total lack of style. Ann Taylor is rather dry.”
— A commenter at reacts to Monica Hesse’s story about Ann Taylor and its hold on Washington women’s fashion.

Google is late to the digital music party in every way imaginable. … Google Music arrived bearing the same gifts as the other guests — oh, and some exclusive live Dave Matthews Band tracks. Just more evidence that Google has no idea what is going on with music today.” wasn’t impressed with the search giant’s new streaming music venture, which launched this week.

In all fairness to the business of advertising, this particular commercial is not groundbreaking or cause for deep awe. It is, however, cute and features several things that make me happy (a feat that even my husband has yet to accomplish fully).” enjoyed a FedEx Canada commercial that features a goose sending a hockey stick to a dog in the U.S. via an elaborate system of packages set up as dominoes.

I might have watched the show a handful of times on mute, so I can’t say the show was good either way. I guess it doesn’t matter at this point.” isn’t going to miss Joy Behar’s show on HLN, which was canceled Thursday.