Gianni Be Cheap: Donatella Versace‘s formaggio-orange tan would take many spendy trips to Capri to achieve. Her label’s colorful, print-mad clothing isn’t cheap either, unless you stand in line outside H&M (1025 F St. NW; 202-347-3306) Saturday. There, at 8 a.m. sharp, a riot should ensue as shoppers try to score cheap-chic store’s collaboration with the Milan house. Worth shivering on the sidewalk for: a studded minidress (shown, $100) and a men’s suit in hot pink ($200).

Zest Friend: Manhattan season is here — as in the drink, not the New York borough with a superiority complex. Messing with the bourbon (or rye)-cherry-vermouth-bitters mash-up too much ruins its dark, sweet intrigue. (Let’s not speak of our sister’s apocryphal addition of cherry schnapps to hers!) But Fee Brothers’ Grapefruit Bitters ($12) brings a whisper — not a wallop — of acidity to our winter poison.

H2OMG: ’Tis the season of hot apartment buildings that make skin as dry as Utah. The solution for flaky, unnaturally overheated dermis, or what we call radiator-itis: Kate Somerville’s Quench Hydrating Serum ($65, Neiman Marcus), a moisturizer that uses vitamin A to lock in natural fluids. It gives your dermis a fresh, glowy feel that’ll almost make your forget that hideous metal heating element clanging in your apartment.

Tagging Turkey: Here, Mr. Gobbles! You sit your adorable little feathered tush RIGHT HERE AT THE HEAD OF THE TABLE. What’s that? You want to know why don’t you have a special, metal, bird-shaped place card holder ($17 for four, Home Rule, 1807 14th St. NW; 202-797-5544) beside you? We must’ve forgotten how to spell your name. That big knife? No, we don’t expect you to use it to carve the stuffing. Just sit there and look pretty, OK?

Apartment Therapy: That sofa at Restoration Hardware runs three times your monthly rent. Ikea tables cost too much for something one has to screw together. The Furniture Origami Set ($12, CB2, 3307 M St. NW; 202-333-6204) holds bright papers to fold into a studio apartment’s worth of furniture (bed, table, toilet). Yes, only paper dolls could use them, but the kit is cheap and requires no Allen wrenches.

By Katherine Boyle and Jennifer Barger