I’ve got Thanksgiving duties this year, which means I’ll be feeding 25 people, maybe more. We like to dress up for the meal, and though I’ll be able to change at the last minute, I’ll still want comfortable, traditional shoes to wear during the feast. — Marilyn

Manolo says, ayyyyy! The Thanksgiving, it is barreling toward us like the runaway trainload of free-range, heirloom turkeys! And while many of us, like the Manolo, are content to fling ourselves from the track of tradition by planning the low-key of events, involving Swanson turkey potpies and velveteen tracksuits, here is the inspirational woman who meets the challenge head on!

Not content to whip up the massive festival of domestic poultry and corn bread stuffing, our friend Marilyn is also determined to appear at the table as the fully fledged adult.

Manolo says, this is how life is to be lived! With food, friends and family, joyous celebrations and homey traditions of great meaning. Too often, in our desire for casualness, we have forgotten that we show respect for ourselves and others and the occasion when we dress properly.

It is the day when we give thanks to Divine Providence that we live in the age of abundance. Thus, it is only fitting that we should dress and behave in the manner that honors our good fortune. Here is the Svelt from Stuart Weitzman ($285, Zappos) the simple pump in the lusciously autumnal color called Fire Quasar.