Let the suburbs have it. And let us redevelop that block in a way that strengthens the declining urbanism of Pennsylvania Avenue NW. … The suburbs will think they win when they get the complex, but instead, they’ll get the negatives — a federal complex that has limited spillover benefit. D.C. has plenty of those negatives already.”
UrbanPlacesAndSpaces.blogspot.com agrees with a Washington Post editorial stating that the FBI building should be moved from its location on Pennsylvania Avenue to a campus complex somewhere in Prince George’s County.

Now don’t take this the wrong way if you’re Jason Segel, a relative of his or his agent. Segel was perfectly fine in the sketches he was in (except the Andre the Giant clunker, but no one could have carried that outside of Andre himself). It’s just that the best parts of the show involved Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the gang. Segel is simply a complementary player.”
Blog.zap2it.com/FromInsideTheBox thought the sketch with the star of the new Muppets movie with his co-hosts was the best of this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” show.

Live television — ya gotta love it. Whenever we see a blooper or hear a curse word drop on the tube, you and I act like grade-schoolers again. We blush and chuckle!”
Q103albany.com didn’t think it was a very big deal when ESPN’s Lee Corso accidentally used a curse word when talking on-air during “College GameDay” on Saturday morning.

The wall of silence encountered by [Linda] Katehi was brilliantly designed and executed. My admiration for the [University of California] Davis students mounts.”
DrDawgsBlawg.ca reacts to the students’ giving their chancellor the silent treatment as she walked from her office to her car after a press conference Saturday in which she addressed an incident in which police unleashed pepper spray on a group of student protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I’d like to say that America finally has jumped off the overrated penguin bandwagon, and have turned their attention to cooler animals, like Ligers or something (word to Napoleon Dynamite). But, no, this is a case of the CGI family film about the dancing birds being poorly scheduled against a juggernaut.”
PunchDrunkCritics.com explains why “Happy Feet Two” pulled in only $22M in its opening weekend.