I mean, really, what better way is there to shake off a nasty paternity suit than a good shuffle with LMFAO? … It was a fun moment on a night of otherwise unsurprising (with the notable exception of Ms. [Kelly] Clarkson) performances.”
Music-mix.ew.com thought the group collaboration with Justin Bieber, right, for “Party Rock Anthem” was a good way to end the American Music Awards Sunday.

I stumped [sic] across this project last week when I was searching for design trends in packaging. First I stopped because the packaging was beautiful, and then I stopped because the carton said ‘Boxed Water is Better.’ I thought to myself …”I think it would be better” … why … because it’s in a freakin carton and how cool is that?!”
TheVedaHouse.com is happy to have discovered Boxed Water Is Better, a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based water company that specializes in sustainable packaging.

Just try to make it through the new video from the late and lovely Amy Winehouse without getting all misty-eyed — we know we sure can’t.”
Buzzworthy.MTV.com is a fan of the video for the first single off Winehouse’s posthumous “Lioness: Hidden Treasures” album, called “Our Day Will Come,” which was released Monday.

So funny; MSNBC will claim her as the Republican/conservative voice; she was hired right after she auditioned the other day and slammed Newt Gingrich. This is the only kind of Republican MSNBC hires: the ones who beat up their own party.”
— A commenter at Mediaite.com reacts to conservative blogger Meghan McCain’s debut on MSNBC as a contributor on “Now With Alex Wagner.”

Perhaps he was joking, but there isn’t much room for interpretation when you have a 140-character limit.”
FootballNewsNow.com didn’t think that Redskins WR Jabar Gaffney exercised sound judgment when, in a Twitter exchange with a Cowboys fan after the Redskins’ loss to Dallas Sunday, he told a Dallas fan to kill himself.