Congratulations, unnamed cop, you now join the ranks of Internet lore along with Antoine Dodson, Come at me Bro, Phoenix Jones and Ancient Aliens. Funny how the internet can turn somebody else’s burning eye pain into semi-humorous satire, but they tell me that capsicum stuff washes out.” is hesitant to laugh at the meme that mushroomed after video of a University of California, Davis campus officer pepper-spraying students made the rounds on the Internet.

It’s always a thrill when a much-loved radio show makes the jump over to TV. … It’s like a blindfold being taken off at a surprise birthday party.” comments on its parent station’s new venture, a Dec. 23 TV special of NPR’s quiz show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me.”

I mean, I don’t know if I’d pick Jay-Z as a symbol of corporate greed over every other multi-millionaire Hollywood entrepreneur. However, this may be the most amazingest totem that ever awesomed, so I’ll let it slide.”
— A commenter at was impressed with sculptor Daniel Edwards’ statue that features a bust of the rapper as the base of a totem pole, with the heads of Mr. Burns (of “The Simpsons”), Scrooge McDuck (of “Duck Tales”), and Richie Rich (of “Richie Rich”) stacked on top of him.

Chad Kroeger and co. just pulled a Jedi mind trick, and for the briefest moment, somehow, inexplicably, made everyone like them. … But if Nickelback shows up to the Lions game and does anything less than perform in costume as Robocop, Dave Coulier, Tom Selleck and Alice Cooper … then we’ll just end up hating them even more.” was amused by the video in which the Canadian group makes fun of itself for the backlash surrounding its upcoming halftime set at Ford Field on Thanksgiving.

So, why all the overt sexuality? Is it sending mixed signals? I always thought women in comedy wanted to be judged on their craft and not the way they look. Am I wrong? Am I thinking about this too simply?” is a bit confused about why Kristen Wiig did such a sultry photo shoot for GQ after it named her the “Bro of the Year.”