George Clooney does an admirable job carrying this movie, but he didn’t seem to blend into the role very well. There was never any point when I was able to forget that I was watching George Clooney. The same could be said of Beau Bridges, who shows up for a brief amount of time to play Beau Bridges.” couldn’t quite get past the casting in “The Descendants” after seeing it over the holiday weekend.

When the term Cyber Monday was coined in 2005, the Monday after Thanksgiving was the 12th-biggest online shopping day of the year. That year, Facebook had 5.5 million users and Twitter didn’t exist. In 2010, Cyber Monday was the #1 biggest online shopping day of the year, with sales topping $1 billion. I believe the growth of social media and the importance of Cyber Monday are correlated.”
— Scott Silverman at breaks down the numbers for Cyber Monday, pointing out that Facebook and Twitter have sped up the rise of online shopping.

Looking back, Taylor could have become the best to ever play at his position. Selfless enough to play on kick coverage, even though he was an every-down safety who played HARD. The man was a ballhawk, a cover safety, a run-stuffer, and a hard-hitter all in one package.”
— A commenter at, remembers Sean Taylor, who died four years ago Sunday after being shot during a home invasion at his home near Miami.

Given that [Bill] Clinton wanted to run for re-election in 1996 against the Dole-Gingrich ticket — and spent a fair amount of money linking Dole to Gingrich — the former speaker and his supporters might consider that Clinton’s latest praise may have a tinge of mischief. Clinton may well hope that Obama gets the chance to actually run against Newt, while Clinton had to make do with the illusion.” is a bit leery of the 42nd president’s recent praise of the GOP presidential candidate in which he said, “I think [Newt’s] doing well just because he’s thinking, and people are hungry for ideas that make some sense.”

In winning the Variety Power of Comedy award, Amy [Poehler’s] proved, once again, that you want her to be your best friend.”’s Vulture blog was grandly amused by Poehler’s acceptance speech, in which she included her former “Saturday Night Live” co-star Will Ferrell in Los Angeles.