Local rockers More Humans make short songs and have cut a short record, but both are epic. “Demon Station,” the D.C. band’s new 10-inch EP on local label Cricket Cemetery, clocks in at a mere 14 minutes, but the disc’s five songs contain more twists and turns than an average full-length. Even the 95-second “You’re a Liar” — which begins with an arpeggio, builds to a crescendo and culminates in a luxurious harmony of the song’s titular words — feels more like an event than a mid-EP interlude.

The trio’s close harmony singing recalls that of the Byrds or Crosby, Stills and Nash, but More Humans’ primary musical cues come from the New Wave ’80s and indie ’90s: Wiry guitar lines wrestle against muscular drumming to create a tension that’s as precise as it is powerful. It’s the sort of cross-generational borrowing we’ve come to expect in modern pop, but More Humans do it way better than most.

More Humans perform with Bitter American, Murder, StateViolence and Denman at Cricket Cemetery’s label showcase Dec. 11 at Galaxy Hut.