Focus on being the top female tennis player in the world? Nah. [Caroline Wozniacki]’d rather dance with Dominika Cibulkova instead.” was amused by Wozniacki’s antics during a break while playing in an exhibition match in Slovakia this week.

Have you somehow forgotten about Arizona these past few days? Let’s remember it all over again, for the holidays! Nothing says ‘mythology of the peaceful savior Jesus’ like an Arizona gun club hosting a Guns ’n Santa family [photo] event.” was taken aback by the story of a Phoenix gun store that is offering family photos featuring Santa Claus and firearms of each family’s choice.

Here’s the thing the folks at Vicks don’t understand: Putting an expiration date on something you don’t have to ingest that still works as advertised is not going to deter people from using it past that date. To paraphrase [my] BFF, Vicks is like menthol Twinkies. And the jars are so large — who’s ever gotten to the bottom of a jar of Vicks?”
— With cold season in full swing, wonders why the menthol medicine maker even bothers with expiration dates on the bottles of VapoRub.

The lesson is clear. Don’t put your sperm under your laptop. Unless you’re connected with an Ethernet cord. Or perhaps a dial-up!” is spooked by a study from Argentinian scientists that found Wi-Fi signals can damage sperm counts.

We live in a world where, astonishingly, Mike Tyson is actively encouraged to sing. And not any old tune. We live in a world where Mike Tyson is encouraged to sing ‘The Girl From Ipanema.’ We’ve all been waiting for a boxer to go bossa nova, haven’t we?” was a bit weirded out by the former boxer’s appearance on a Brazilian television program on Sunday.