One reason I like working at Express is my brain poops whenever I try to write anything longer than 500 words. I like short. When you write short, you have no choice but to cut the junk.

Which is why I wish “The Other F Word,” a documentary opening Friday at the E Street Cinema, was a short rather than a feature-length film. The movie is about longtime punk rockers who now are fathers (such as NOFX’s Fat Mike, above, with his daughter) grappling with universal issues (How can I be great at my job and be a great parent?) as well as ones that are more lifestyle-specific (Other kids’ parents think I’m weird because I have a tattoo on my forehead).

Director Andrea Blaugrund Nevins allows the film to veer from what it does best — namely, showing guys who’ve built careers on rage reminding kids to do their homework before watching “American Idol” — and get into a philosophical discussion about how one can pay the mortgage and still feel like a badass. That’s a fair question, but not one this film needs.

Cutting about 45 minutes would have bolstered the emotional resonance the film does have (especially when it becomes apparent that nearly all the men profiled had no father figure themselves). A little bit less would have made “The Other F Word” so much more.