For Christmas, I’ve been looking to buy my little sister, who’s a first-year student at a university in the upper Midwest, a new pair of winter boots that she can wear around campus. But everything is either too trendy or too expensive for my budget. Can you recommend something warm and stylish that won’t break my bank? — Chloe

Manolo says, each year when the weather turns chilly, the Mediterranean Manolo begins to look for the handsome fur coat.

Sadly, the two most readily available styles for the men are best described as the “Yukon Prospector” and the “Euro-Pimp Ski Trash,” neither of which suits or excites the Manolo.

And thus you now understand why the Manolo prefers to live in the place where the temperatures rarely drop below the 60 degrees of Fahrenheit, because he is allergic to the way Gore-Tex looks.

But there are many other peoples who love the frosty mornings, when the skin on their faces freezes to the zippers of their puffy, down-filled plastic coats.

Still, winter is not without its pleasures, chiefly among which are the joys of wearing furry boots while imagining that you are Julie Christie waiting for Dr. Omar Zhivago to arrive at your secret winter dacha.

Here is the Cate the Great from the Sorel ($200). Not exactly Dr. Zhivago-ish, but still cute, fun and extremely practical for dealing with the most frigid of the Midwestern winters.