When the “Fugazi Live Series” debuted last week at Dischord.com, harDCore fans everywhere ran to see whether the concerts they’d attended were available for download. I only saw Fugazi, pictured above, once — six years before I moved to D.C. — at Eastern Michigan University on Jan. 22, 1988. Alas, that show wasn’t recorded and therefore won’t be in the archives, which will eventually contain more than 800 gigs by the legendary Washington band.

But the first concert I ever attended was documented, and parts of it were released as a live album: The J. Geils Band’s “Showtime!” was pieced together from the blues-rock party band’s six-night run in September 1982 at the Pine Knob Music Theatre, a huge outdoor venue near Detroit. “Showtime!” was a dud — an LP so sloppily put together that side one ended with the intro to “Love Stinks” and you had to flip the record to hear the actual song. But I still love owning a document of my first show. Now thousands of Fugazi fans will get to feel the same way.

Download Now: Check out the growing list of shows at Dischord.com/fugazi_live_series.