Lerone, 27, is a workplace consultant. Murray, 29, is a mechanical engineer. They live in Laurel, Md.

The Main Event: They will tie the knot Dec. 11 at Lerone’s hometown Seventh-day Adventist church in Longwood, Fla.

How They Met: At church. “I learned her name was Lerone and asked for the spelling to be sure I would remember the next time I saw her, and I hoped and prayed there’d be a next time.”

First Impressions: “He looked so young I thought he was in high school!”

First Date: P.F. Chang’s. “I forgot to mention an item I wanted for an appetizer, and Murray sprinted after the waiter to let him know what I wanted. I thought that was sweet.”

How He Proposed: Over Skype. She was visiting her family in Florida for the holidays, and he was in Maryland, but he wanted her to be with her family when he proposed. She recorded herself saying yes and emailed him the next morning.

Pet Names: ”Leronet” and “Leroniquet” for her; “Murrinet” for him.

When She Knew: “When he didn’t run for the hills when I introduced him to my classical techno music collection.”