Interestingly, the ad has a clash of tone and emotion. Despite the negativity of [Rick] Perry denouncing America’s cultural decline thanks to gays in uniform and children forbidden to celebrate Christmas, the candidate himself is standing on a beautiful green hill, with a slight camera blur and soothing musical accompaniment.” notes the odd dichotomy of the Republican presidential candidate’s latest campaign advertisement now running statewide in Iowa.

What’s sad is that law enforcement in Europe seems to have turned a blind eye to FIFA-related depredations for years. Maybe the FBI is the only agency willing to check the total corruption of international soccer. If so, bravo, America. I place my right hand over my heart and withdraw.” reacts to news that the FBI has interviewed members of England’s failed 2018 World Cup bid as part of an investigation by the American law-enforcement agency into alleged corruption in FIFA.

I don’t understand what the ‘lipstick on a pig’ fuss was about, frankly. I use it all the time,” testifies Miss Piggy. #GOPmuppethearings”
@HESherman has some fun with a mock congressional hearing game on Twitter that stemmed from a Fox Business News host’s claim this week that the message sent out by “The Muppets” is anti-corporate America.

While fewer useless emails does sound like a good thing, one wonders if future polls will find that a comparable amount of IM discussions prove to fall into that same non-useful, non-spam category.” isn’t sold on the notion that eliminating internal emails will help French information technology firm Atos improve its communication efficiency in the office.

The Angry Birds logo has graced sweatshirts, playable birthday cakes and even a Finnair airplane. Now it has been reinterpreted as an elegant one-shouldered evening gown. Awesome? Insane? Glamorous? Ridiculous? You decide.” doesn’t know what to think of Teija Vesterbacka, the wife of Peter Vesterbacka — head of Rovio, the company that makes the Angry Birds app — after she wore a dress inspired by the game to a formal event at the Finnish Palace on Tuesday.