Santa travels by reindeer-driven sleigh, so what does he know about how real people get around? That’s why it’s up to you to figure out what to give friends on the go. Here’s a list, divvied up by mode of transportation.

For Pedestrians: After all that walking, they need somewhere to rest their legs. And you know they’ll be comfortable with the familiar cross signals (that actually work!) on the Road Tested Chair ($3,700, Uncommon Goods). Good thing they’re used to waiting, however, since it’ll require 14 to 16 weeks for delivery.

For Cyclists: Let everyone know who really rules the road with Tatsuro Kiuchi’s “Car Free” ($50). The image of automobiles shoved to the side of the street is guaranteed to make your bike buddies drool. The limited-edition, museum-quality print has proved popular — only the 14”x11” size is still available.

For Drivers: How many lattes can you drink? Just one if you’re stuck in traffic with no access to a bathroom. Take advantage of the extra empty cup holder and charge up some gadgets. With the Coffee Cup Power Inverter ($25, Think Geek), road warriors can give their electronics a jolt with two AC outlets and a USB power port. Just make sure they wait until they’ve parked to text about how awesome it is.

For Metro Riders: When WMATA relaunched its online gift store earlier this year, we poked fun at the limited (and lame) selection. But it’s time to take a gander at the improved inventory, including this Metro tie ($32.50). The sliver of map won’t do much for lost tourists, but it could sure help someone find a new look. Another tempting item: the laptop skin ($10). But it’ll probably only make a computer more appealing to thieves.

For Train Travelers: MARC and VRE riders, always in a rush to get to the office and back, rarely have a spare second to marvel at the architecture of Union Station. They won’t need to interrupt their dash if they can curl up with “America’s Great Railroad Stations” by Roger Straus III ($40, Viking Studio), which includes a section, with gorgeous photos, about Washington’s transportation hub.