If Questlove and the Roots wanted to make some kind of on-air statement about their disapproval of Michele Bachmann … they certainly had plenty of songs to choose from. But they made the decision of going with a song that has a misogynistic title. … On the plus side, at least they still have their jobs.”
TheKey.XPN.org reacts to news that “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’s” house band will now have to have all its songs for the show approved by NBC executives before playing them.

How dope is it that he used a line from a song that’s not a single? That’s a clear indication he harbors a genuine appreciation for the music. Jay Bilas has a lifetime hip-hop pass for this one. ”
SmokingSection.uproxx.com was impressed with ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas’ knowledge of rapper Young Jeezy’s work, after he quoted him during a recent game broadcast. Bilas said “as the urban philosopher Young Jeezy says, ‘You better call your crew; you’re gonna need help!’”

In the past I’ve seen some strange actions on the WMATA trains, from fights to escalator planking to Christmas carols, but nothing quite like this.”
TBD.com/Blogs/TBD-On-Foot reacts to a video titled “The Metro Swing,” in which people set up a playground-style swing made from plywood and ropes inside a train car and allowed various people to sit on it.

It’s much richer, and much more visual. I think it will also differentiate the mobile and desktop experiences a lot more. It seems sensible, as Twitter changes its demographic. … I’m expecting this redesign to cause lots of grumbles from oldies like me.”
Digital-examples.blogspot.com enjoys the microblogging site’s new interface, released Thursday.

I’m not against all rehashing of the past to lure both grown-up dollars and youngun dollars … but can the vintage Larry, Curly, Moe slapstick of the original Three Stooges franchise translate to 2012? Ehh … there’s a veneer of cheese that makes this trailer look like it should just be left as a MAD TV skit, or a Funny or Die webisode.”
MissInfo.tv doesn’t think the trailer for “The Three Stooges,” directed by the Farrelly brothers, is very appealing.