Beowolfing It Down: Your attempts at having a “Game of Thrones”-themed holiday have been only partially successful. Not-so-cool: wearing a Ren Fest codpiece and tights to your office party. Better: serving mead at bashes and picking up a set of cocktail swords (shown, $39, Pottery Barn stores) so guests can spear highball garnishes, cheese cubes or — maybe — deep-fried dragon morsels. Similarly medieval in feel: the chain’s crested barware (sets of four, $38), which makes the dullest drinks seem fit for royalty.

Island Magic: Chicken breasts for dinner? Um, boring, mon, unless you’re drumming up more interesting flavors via Saint Ann’s Bay Jamaican Marinade ($6, Whole Foods). Its spicy (cinnamon, peppers, etc.) tang made ordinary fowl something that tasted party-ready, or at least worthy of playing a few old-school Steel Pulse songs.

Pink Merry: OK, guys, we know: We ladies do not need more lipstick. We have so many we forget they’re there, sinking to the bottom of our purses. We may not need four shades of rosy hues or the harmony of two lipsticks, gloss and balm in one compact little case. But with a sweet, tweedy box already gift-wrapped with a silver bow, Dior has made its Holiday Lip Palette ($46, Saks Fifth Avenue) so easy for you to give us. It’s unnecessary, but still adored.

Time to Get Lit: Forget about eight nights of presents. A much better Hanukkah tradition: Eight nights of wine — preferably kosher. But you’d better be done with your “L’Chaims” by the time you stick in the Menorah Cork ($18, Fred Flare). The dripping candle wax will definitely help prevent a repeat of that embarrassing Purim incident, and the stopper will keep whatever you don’t drink fresh until the next evening. According to Food & Wine, latkes pair well with sauvignon blanc.

Buy, Wear, Love: No one has done more for the island of Bali (at least, in popular chick culture) than “Eat, Pray, Love” author Elizabeth Gilbert. But jewelry company Anna Beck ranks a close second. The Los Angeles-based line produces a breezy selection of styles on the island, drawing on both its textile traditions and metalworking ways. Through Sunday, Betsy Fisher (1224 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-785-1975) hosts a pop-up shop of the brand’s gold-dotted silver statement rings ($200), funky labradorite pendants ($163) and stackable bangles. Whether you wear them to do downward dog or eat pasta is your call.

Written by Katherine Boyle and Jennifer Barger