Comedian Billy Eichner is a game show host for the Twitter generation. On “Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street,” (Fuse, Thursdays, 11 p.m.), the Upright Citizens Brigade veteran runs around New York City and accosts people with inane questions about pop culture — many of which don’t have a right or wrong answer.

Example: “True or false? Zac Efron looks like he wants to be molested by an older person.” Give a good answer, get a dollar; give a bad one and Eichner insults you before storming off. It all happens so fast that most contestants don’t have a clue what’s happening until it’s over.

Pack in dozens of these rapid-fire interactions, along with slightly longer trivia segments (“Quizzed in the Face,” “Are You Smarter Than a Gay 5th Grader?”), and you have a game show built for short attention spans.

It’s Eichner who makes the show work. His quick wit is awe-inspiring, and he has the smug, sarcastic jerk act down pat. Yet he remains immensely likable, cheering contestants on before pushing them out of his way when he gets annoyed.

“Billy on the Street” isn’t about who wins or loses — you’ll be too busy rolling on the floor to care.