Board Riff: When he’s not catching air and performing half-pipes, snowboarding great Shaun White likes to — design housewares? His gnarly new line for Target just swished in with Alpine-rad blue-on-white bedding ($70-$90), modern lamps with shades resembling board shirts ($35), and banks shaped like skulls and what he dubs the White Monster (shown, $10). And if you’re a teenage boy or an obsessive fan, the mega-box store also stocks White’s line of punky T-shirts and shoes.

In the Thick of It: Our locks, always on the stringy side of Gwenyth Paltrow’s, get even droopier during radiator season. Rahua’s Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner ($32-$34 each, Rahua) use a wholesome, vaguely French-smelling cocktail — lavender, eucalyptus and ungurahua oil (extracted from an Amazon palm tree) — to pump up tresses without drying them out. They plumped our hair nicely before the inevitable hat-head crushing occurred. But we’re not sharing the secret with that overexposed Gwennie.

A Craft Shoot: The DIY movement has so infected our national psyche that people are knitting scarves for trees and raising buffalo in Brooklyn backyards. OK, we made up that last part. But the craft inept — or just the thrifty — can get in on the trend with “The Bust DIY Guide to Life” ($30, Stewart, Tabori & Chang), with 250 projects from the grrl-powered mag. Hip how-tos include tie-dyed tights and Kate Middleton-ish fascinators, plus basics on bike repair and dog adoption.

Owl Rack: Deer heads in decor need to go the way of Bambi’s mother. Owls, a woodland animal we find far less cliche and tick-ridden, create a cozier vibe, as in Creative Bath’s wonderful line of hand towels (shown, $12), shower curtains ($30) and other bath accessories decked with the wise creatures, all of which just swooped into Home Rule (1807 14th St. NW; 202-797-5544).

Goodie for You: The great sweet binge of late 2011 resulted in nasty accusations (“Dad, you stole my entire Toblerone!”) and blechy feelings about your waistline. Caveman Cookies’ new Rainforest flavor cookies ($10 a bag, Whole Foods) mesh not-terrible-for-you-yet less-indulgent ingredients (dried cherries, Brazil nuts, almond meal) into a treat that’s supposed to imitate our hunter-gather pasts. We found it pleasantly spicy (thanks to some cayenne) yet not resolution-busting.