I certainly hope I appear cool when I interview celebrities. Because, trust me, I am not. This week I got a few hours’ notice that I would be interviewing Angelina Jolie. In person. Suddenly, my regular interview prep got two additional steps — namely, figuring out how to lose 20 pounds and get a haircut in about four hours.

This is not the first time an interview has made me nervous. Minutes before interviewing Gary Oldman in person, both of my arms went completely numb, which was amusing in a “Hey, look! A stroke!” kind of way. My brain joined in on the fun, screaming, “HOLY [expletive], THAT IS GARY OLDMAN! RIGHT THERE!” as he was answering a question. While I was on the phone with Colin Firth, my hands shook so badly I couldn’t take notes (good thing I was recording the call).

It’s not just movie stars — I got dizzy before interviewing directors Errol Morris, Wim Wenders and Werner Herzog. And if you don’t get at least a little twitterpated when talking with someone who helps create something you love, then you don’t really love that thing.

I love movies. These people make movies, and for the most part, I am grateful and excited about the work they do. So I don’t feel bad that I dork out on Facebook and Twitter after an interview. I will, however, be better about getting regular haircuts.