Teensy Greensy: Terrariums — with their bitty plants, mini-mosses and near-microscopic garden gnomes — add both green space and hipness to your pad. West Elm’s new line of jars comes in both fishbowl-like open styles ($19-$29) and footed vessels (shown, $59-$69, West Elm) to get you started as a shrunken garden-er. Just don’t use them to play evil overlord to a bunch of innocent ladybugs you capture and imprison.

Sound-Checkered: Headphones have saved us from Bolt Bus mates’ too-loud convos and our Spinning instructor’s rabid enthusiasm for Ke$ha. And now, thanks to chicBuds’ Arts line of earbuds ($30, Chicbuds.com), we’ll be rescued from unfashionable iWhatever-listening, too. Three poppy patterns — zebra stripes, hot pink leopard print and blue graffiti, above — bring style to tuning out the world around you and just might make your boring smartphone case jealous.

Mr. Clean: Sadly, Hey Dude’s Dude Wash ($10, Heydudeskincare.com) has nothing to do with the Nickelodeon series about kids living on a ranch. Instead, the stuff aims to simplify a guy’s life by offering three uses in one bottle: body wash, shampoo and shave gel. The blue goo performed admirably in all uses. The bottle also claims to be infused with dual pheromones, which, the label says “can help you make ‘friends’ a lot faster.” At the very least, it will make you smell sweet and flowery, which some girls may dig.

It’s in the Bag: In an ideal world, we’d be jetting away from schizophrenic winter weather to someplace with predictably balmy temperatures. But even though Bali or the Bahamas looks unlikely, this ethically made-in-Africa straw tote ($98, Beklina.com) features enough room for (cue beach backdrop) sunblock and a Kindle or (cue office backdrop) our laptop and a mammoth stack of pages to edit. Bags come in springy lilac, aqua or cocoa patterns to cheer us until the cherry blossoms pop.

Non-Extreme Makeover: Millions of Eames chair-loving, Victorian-chest lacquering home decor fiends may have feared that this week’s relaunch of Apartmenttherapy.com might have Disneyfied or messed up the site’s scrappy-meets-chic vibe. But the mega nesting blog just got prettier and more organized, meaning addictive house tours boast bigger photos and the DIY tips archive is easier to search.