October 2011 was the 20th anniversary of the Lotsa Pop Losers festival. Hosted by D.C. labels Slumberland, Simple Machines and Teen-Beat, the event solidified the emerging indie/punk scene of the era.

That anniversary came and went with little notice, but Chickfactor — the ’zine that was born soon after Pop Losers — isn’t going to let its two-decade anniversary pass without a party — several, in fact: two nights in Arlington at Artisphere April 6-7, followed by three in New York City.

Chickfactor was started by Gail O’Hara and Pam Berry: The former is a journalist and photographer, and the latter is one of indie’s most beloved singers. (Berry is pictured, far left, with influential D.C. noise-pop band Black Tambourine, for which she did vocals.) The two covered the indie scene with style, and the ’zine’s spirit has endured, though it has been inactive for some time. (Chickfactor.com is still updated.)

Several groups from that ’90s scene are re-forming for the shows, including much-loved Rhode Island bands Honey Bunch and Small Factory. But the big news is that Black Tambourine will be playing its first shows in 21 years. Pop losers, no more.