Bobby, 27, is a reporter. Meghan, 27, is a digital marketer. They will live in Arlington.

The Main Event: They’ll marry April 21 with a full Catholic Mass in a church in Williamsburg, Va.

How They Met: On a spring break service trip, doing Hurricane Katrina cleanup in Biloxi, Miss.

First Impressions: “I knew Meghan cared about the same things I did. Also, the lady knows her way around a saw, which is nice.”

First Date: “I’m pretty sure we just went to a bar,” Meghan says.

First Kiss: On his mom’s couch, while his mom was asleep upstairs. “Surprise, Mom! Now you know!”

Most-Hated Clothing Item: Bobby hates her shirt that says “Redneck Woman” on the front and “Hell Yeah” on the back. Meghan would get rid of his old socks. “He doesn’t understand that holey socks should just be thrown away. He has fished them out of the garbage. I bought him new socks for Christmas, and he returned them.”

Stupidest Fight: When Bobby sang the tiger song from “The Hangover” “over and over again until Meghan just snapped. I don’t think I’ve sung it since.”

With Infinite Funds: They’d get married on the moon.r