Ginny, 25, works in HR. Jeff, 24, is in IT. They live in Reston, Va.

The Main Event: They got married Sept. 10, 2011, in a 15-minute ceremony at the Rust Manor House in Leesburg, Va. “We’ve been together for eight years, so we didn’t want to waste any more time before being able to party and celebrate with our friends,” Ginny says.

Agenda: After the “short and sweet” ceremony, they had cocktails and played bocce ball, croquet and corn hole. “Everyone danced, which was important to us,” Jeff says.

Wedding Surprise: The caterers served pre-ceremony drinks, which the couple hadn’t expected. “Jeff and I were walking back down the aisle, and I remember thinking, ‘Wait, what the hell? Where did you guys get those beers?’”

Favorite Moment: Jeff: “When she walked down the aisle. She was absolutely stunning!”

Funniest Moment: Jeff was a little nervous while saying his vows. “He started to stumble over his words and finally turned to all our guests and made a face, like ‘Geez, give a guy a break!’ It was really cute.”

Wedding Worries: The weather. It had rained for a week straight but cleared up just in time for their rehearsal and wedding.