Before you tune in to HBO’s new horse racing series “Luck” (premiering Sunday at 9 p.m.), there are a few things you should know.

If you have a little girl, even if she loves horses a whole lot, DO NOT LET HER WATCH, lest her ears be singed by R-rated swears.

The horse racing scenes are incredible. This show must have butt cams (on horses and jockeys), mane cams and hoof cams.

You will not be able to decipher the heavily accented English of John Ortiz as Peruvian horse trainer Mr. Escalante. Don’t feel bad. Even a character on the show says, “He is a little hard to understand.”

If intertwining plots and racing lingo like “pick six” puzzle you, you will surely laugh when a character declares, “Will someone please tell me what’s happening?”

Question to ponder: How does the director ensure that the right horse wins the race? “Horse #2, take the lead, now slow down, now let horse #6 pass you”?

Potential Emmy nominees: Nick Nolte for best mumbled monologue delivered to a horse. Dennis Farina for best performance by a salt-and-pepper mustache.