I’m subjecting myself to a “speed date,” where you spend five minutes each with 20 different people, trying to decide who you’d like to see a second time for a real date. What shoes do I wear? I want to look confident but approachable, sexy but demurely so. — Shannon

Manolo says, the romance, it is not dead! It is only sleeping!

“So, what do you do?” asks the Shannon.

Number 1: “This and that,” says the pale man with the lank hair and incipient potbelly. “You know, the usual. Little of this, little of that. Whatever gets me by, eh?”


Number 8: “I work for a hedge fund,” says the handsome man with the beady eyes, “one that specializes in foreclosing on low-income residential properties in distress. I make sure that the deadbeats are tossed out into the street. Ha, ha, ha!”


Number 13: “Real estate, ba-bay! Big money real estate!”


Number 20: “I’m a park ranger,” says the square-jawed fellow with the twinkling brown eyes. “It’s a good job. Gives me a lot of time to think and to work on my poetry. On the weekends, when I’m not running triathlons, I like to volunteer at an animal shelter.”

Ayyyy! Romance awakes from its slumber! Here is the Glitter from the Kors by Michael Kors ($156, Zappos), the sexy-demure pump in the mushroom kid suede.