Johnathan, 31, is a high school teacher for DCPS. Aleiscia, 28, is an insurance underwriter. They live in Capitol Heights, Md.

The Main Event: They will wed Feb. 11 in Springfield, Va., with 100 guests in attendance. Aleiscia will walk down the aisle to “My Funny Valentine,” the Chaka Khan version

How They Met: In college, they played against each other in a game of spades organized by Aleiscia’s roommate. Both sides claim they won.

First Date: A Valentine’s Day concert on campus. “I asked him out, and, like a gentleman, he paid for our tickets. I was hoping he would kiss me that night, but my roommate decided to walk with us back to my dorm and totally ruined the romantic vibe.”

How He Proposed: On the way to a walk in Georgetown, “I decided to grab the ring and see what happened,” Johnathan says. When the time seemed right, he popped the question.

Stupidest Fight: Over his gastrointestinal tract. “He is lactose-intolerant and continues to drink milk and eat ice cream, and I was fed up.”

Making It Unique: In addition to their cake, they’ll have a candy table filled with nostalgic candy from their childhoods like candy dots, Now and Laters, and Pixie Stix.