Taylor Gourmet’s Aramingo Avenue hoagie

In college, I was a serial egg-and-cheese sandwich eater. To me, a toasted English muffin filled with a fried egg and melted American cheese was the perfect hot breakfast treat, especially on a late, lazy morning.

Too bad College Me isn’t here today. She’d love the new weekends-only menu of egg-and-cheese “breakfast hoagies” at the 14th Street NW location of Taylor Gourmet. (Actually, she’d probably gain a double Freshman 15 from eating there nonstop, so maybe it’s a good thing she’s not around.)

Taylor Gourmet has basically pimped out my old standby. Every 6-inch breakfast hoagie ($6.90) comes with eggs and cheese — those are givens. The Passyunk Avenue adds roast pork and bacon (the cheese is a sharp provolone). The Lehigh tops eggs and mozzarella with breaded eggplant and marinara sauce. And the Aramingo Avenue — my favorite — has practically every salty, greasy, meaty ingredient you could want for breakfast heaped onto a soft sesame or wheat bun: crisp bacon, spicy sausage, hash browns, American cheese and “hangover cheese sauce,” a creamy mixture of Monterey Jack, cheddar, carrots, onions, celery, beer, milk and “secret seasonings.”

This vice-filled sandwich is very much for those “the more ingredients, the merrier” eaters — like me. Except there’s no way I can finish this in a single sitting, especially when it’s the first meal of the day. I’ll leave that to the college kids.