Love Actualized: We’re sure your love is far deeper than a baking pan. But there’s not a much sweeter way to do V-Day than with an inch-thick, 8-ounce brownie in the shape of a heart. The treat, now at J. Chocolatier (1039 33rd St. NW; 202-333-4111), gets its flavor from Scharffen Berger cocoa, butter and other indulgent stuff. The meant-to-be-shared sweets are a made-here alternative to standing in line at Godiva on Feb. 13. If you chomp one by yourself because neither Gosling nor Clooney is returning your texts, we will not judge.

Cali It Cool: What happens when you cross breezy vintage clothing shapes (disco-era sundresses, drapey 1940s blouses) with a modern, West Coast vibe? The cool styles of Three Belles Down, an Oakland-based line of relaxed, hot-hued frocks (shown, $85) and tops ($65) just in stock at Caramel (1603 U St. NW; 202-265-1930). Pieces smack of May afternoons, but most can be layered over a tee, tights and boots until the weather semi-normalizes again.

Sweets For Tweets: One could sheathe one’s smartphone/tablet/laptop with a high-tech, polycarbonate case à la Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man getup. But Poppy Treffny’s fabric gadget cozies ($24-$48, Proper Topper, 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-842-3055) bring a craftier, critter-strewn cool to all of your personal tech.

To Bee or Not to Bee?: Do inanimate objects have existential crises? Does the Fuuvi Bee ($70, wonder, “Should I exist? Does the world need a digital video camera that mimics 8mm film (aka Super8), the home-movie solution of the ’60s and ’70s?” We say, “You have as much right to be here as Hipstamatic.” The deck of cards-sized device captures life with the grainy, jittery charm of the original format.

Digits of Columbia: Now local color doesn’t just refer to which Metro line you’re hopping on. The District of Columbia line of nail polish hues at Bloomingdale’s Studio 85 ($6 each, 53 Florida Ave NW; 415-606-3640) uses local names — “1600” for a Barack-y blue, left; “Mambo Sauce” for an orange that recalls the only-here condiment.