Rafael, 31, is a software engineer. Juliet, 25, is an event scheduler for the Navy. They live in Rockville.

The Main Event: They will marry Feb. 25 in San Francisco.

Honeymoon: Oahu, Hawaii.

How They Met: On OkCupid. “I sent her a message reassuring her that it was OK that she watched ‘Golden Girls.’”

First Impressions: “Jewish, cute, seemed interesting.” “I liked how he mentioned ‘Golden Girls’ in his first message to me.”

First Date: Starbucks, then dinner at Thai Chef in Dupont Circle. “I was a little late and ran to our meeting point, only to be sweating upon arrival,” Juliet says. “I was really nervous about looking terrible but quickly forgot about my insecurities when we began to talk.”

How he Proposed: At Maggiano’s in Bethesda. “He failed to cover up the ring box, and I demanded to know what was in his pants,” Juliet says.

Their Song: “Moonlight Serenade” by the Glenn Miller Orchestra. “It’s classy, and we like it,” Rafael says.

Most-Hated CLothing Item: His 15-year-old black loafers. The Express polo she always wears.