Puff Ditty: “Hey, marshmallow, are you the next cupcake? You’re soft and puffy, and you taste better than a milk shake.” OK, maybe the s’more’s best friend won’t put G-town Cupcake out of business (and our rap career is looking even more doubtful). But Shauna Severs’ “Marshmallow Madness” ($17, Quirk) makes a case for DIY squishy sweets in flavors such as margarita, above, and salted peanut, as well as ’mallow-powered whoopie pies, roulades and, yes, cupcakes.

A Ruff Job: Our a.m. and p.m. walks with Mr. Waggles the Doberman really are a joy. REALLY. But since we get up at 5 a.m., scoop his droppings and also feed him spendy kibble, is it too much to ask that he give back? Umbra’s new Doggie Barrel Bag Holder ($6, Umbra.com) hangs from any pup’s collar and holds canine-sized trash bags. Still, we’re unclear whether it’ll inspire Waggles to act heroically, like one of those life-saving Saint Bernards who carried similar-looking barrels full of brandy through the Alps.

Armed Guard: Socialites and bloggers who accept fancy free stuff stack their wrists with designer bracelets by Hermes, Gucci and pals. Those who must pay rent or keep journalistic ethics intact can snag Leigh-elena’s enamel-leather cuffs, just in at Ginger (7114 Bethesda Lane, Bethesda; 301-664-924). Styles include a wide model (below, $125) and a double-wrap bracelet ($105), which come in eye-popping (not wallet-busting) hides such as orange stingray or green snake.

Smooth Fairy: Though BB cream sounds like a remedy for shooting range injuries, it’s actually a new breed of super-moisturizer with sunscreen, vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids and skin-smoothing tint. Garnier’s cream ($13, drugstores), which just arrived in the U.S., is among the cheapest. We liked how it brightened our sallow visage, but we didn’t enjoy its mildly Febreze-like scent.

That’s Just Stick: In the epoch before pinterest, people used to thumbtack photos, tickets and other inspiring junk to actual bulletin boards. Pottery Barn Teen revives that old-school concept with its Vintage Frame Pinboard ($69, Pbteen.com), a cloth-covered canvas decorated with a retro design. But to incessantly share the recipe you’re fixing this weekend/photos of your new ballet flats/cute wittle puppy quotes, you’ll also have to get equally old-fashioned and invite people over.