Anne, 24, is a government consultant. Jared, 29, is an information security consultant. They live in Merrifield, Va.

The Main Event: They will say their vows April 14 on a beach in Miami.

How They Met: At Ireland’s Four Courts. She was out with her friends, some of whom were wearing birthday tiaras. He kept asking whether they were part of a bachelorette party.

First Impressions: “I thought he was poorly dressed, obnoxiously persistent and slightly stupid.”

First Date: His persistence paid off, and she agreed to meet him for guac and margaritas at Rosa Mexicano and then catch a Caps game.

How He Proposed: While in Bora Bora. He arranged for Champagne to be delivered and then popped the question.

Stupidest Fight: “Anne thinks I drive like a grandma.”

Pet Names: He calls her “my Bunsen burner” because she’s so warm.

When She Knew: “When he started telling me bedtime stories about quantum computing. Our brains are so compatible.”

With Infinite Funds: Bill Nye the Science Guy would officiate.