Oliver, 26, is a technical writer. Tiffany, 28, is a technician at the Library of Congress. They live in Laurel, Md.

The Main Event: April 14, on a farm. Tiffany will walk down the aisle to “Concerning Hobbits” from “The Fellowship of the Ring.”

How They Met: At her first job out of college. He was the guy who came in to help her set up her computer. “I pretended to know less about computers than I did to keep him there longer.”

First Date: To see the second “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, then to a nearby lake.

First Kiss: After the movie. “I wanted to kiss her during the movie, but it felt awkward — like I was in middle school all over again. Instead, I waited until we were in a very romantic parking garage.”

How He Proposed: On May Day, at the same lake where they’d spent their first date. He hid the ring in his mandolin case.

Making It Unique: The Tolkien fans have modeled their reception after Bilbo’s birthday party from “The Fellowship of the Ring.” “We wanted to mimic the relaxed feeling with tons of food, good music, and some cool, mismatched things like silver goblets to toast with,” Tiffany says.