Growing older and still loving punk rock aren’t mutually exclusive conditions. But at some point, the admiration usually shifts to listening in the privacy of your home or office cube; a mature person can’t be going out to shows all the time.

But vocalist Carlos Izurieta and his bandmates in the local group Police & Thieves have not only managed to enter their 30s with their punk ideals intact; they support the scene they adore by constantly going to concerts as fans as well as playing at them. With that enthusiastic spirit, it’s not surprising that Police & Thieves’ recent mini-LP, “Fracturing,” is on a label called Youngblood Records.

While Police & Thieves’ character is youthful, the band’s music is seasoned, recalling the mid-’80s heyday of D.C.’s influential Dischord Records label. The group makes vintage, ripping hardcore that’s equal parts catchy and powerful, pent-up and cathartic. Put simply, it’s timeless. Just like punk.

Police & Thieves play with Frontiers, Troubled Sleep, the Fordists and the Deads on Sat. at St. Stephen’s Church, 1525 Newton St. NW, 7 p.m., $5. This Positive Force D.C. show partly benefits We Are Family.