The former Piratz Tavern has become the Corporate Bar & Grill.

Quick! Try to imagine the exact opposite of a pirate. Did you think of a faceless businessman in a suit and tie?

Because that’s the logo of the Silver Spring restaurant formerly known as Piratz Tavern (8402 Georgia Ave.), after it underwent a $250,000 makeover last week. Transformed for Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” in an attempt to save the failing eatery from closing, it’s become the Corporate Bar & Grill (the episode will air this summer). Gone are the treasure maps on tables and the fake parrots hanging from the ceiling. The walls, covered with faux motivational posters, are painted in neutral colors. Servers who dressed in swashbuckling attire now wear bland vests and button-up shirts.

Piratz’s lengthy Caribbean-inspired menu was notable for its rum-filled “grog” and not much else. The new menu is much shorter, but the dishes — if done right — sound decent. I’d try the grilled shrimp Cobb salad ($11) or the charred chicken breast and sun-dried tomato pesto sandwich ($13). I’m optimistic about the drinks, too. At the reopening this past Saturday, I enjoyed the “hottie” ($9): jalapeño-infused tequila mixed with watermelon and lime juices. There are also some tables with patron-operated beer taps and a machine that mixes cocktails (neat! but impersonal!).

Corporate has the potential to draw a certain crowd, one completely unlike the folks who loved Piratz. But I feel for the individuals who abruptly lost their hangout: Pirate-themed bars aren’t exactly a doubloon a dozen.