NBC’s “Awake,” premiering tonight at 10, challenges the viewer with its title and time slot. Will your eyes stay open as you watch this weird drama?

The premise: After a car crash with his wife and teen son, cop Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs, above) toggles between two realities. 1: Wife lives, son dies, his partner is Wilmer Valderrama (of “That ’70s Show” fame), his therapist is a confrontational Asian male. 2: Son lives, wife dies, his partner is Steve Harris (“The Practice”), his therapist is a gentle Caucasian woman.

Sleepy factors: Therapist dialogue is dull (“There’s no therapeutic value in allowing you to pretend that your realities are interchangeable.”). Wife and son are boring. Valderrama is a boring actor. Harris has a soothing voice.

Awake factors: The cop’s anguish will jar your soul. Two “realities” equals two heart-stopping crimes to solve per show. Tonight, disguise-wearing man kills cabbies; intruder slays family and kidnaps the daughter. The cases have creepy connections! HOW CAN THAT BE?!?!?

Conclusion: Trying to determine which reality is real and which is a dream will keep you awake during the show — and maybe for the whole night.