Tim! You’re back! Good to have you back!

Tim Gunn, who always says exactly the right thing to “Project Runway” designers, got minimal camera time on “PR’s” fall season and ISN’T EVEN THERE on the current All Stars cycle.

But he has resurfaced as one of five hosts on ABC’s talk show “The Revolution” (weekdays, 2 p.m.), in which advice is dispensed to ordinary folks who crave a revolution in their lifestyle.

Does it sound overly earnest? Don’t worry. The show really exists to showcase the wisdom and wit of Mr. Tim Gunn.

This week, single mom Angela Patrick, who’s undergoing a diet-and-exercise makeover, confessed that her ex was verbally and physically abusive. Tim Gunn stated, “Domestic violence is an atrocity. No one should put up with it.” Tim Gunn: the anti-Rush Limbaugh.

The topic turned to men. Angela has trust issues. “Not all men are rats,” Tim Gunn says. Like … Tim! He sweetly tells Angela, “We may not be suited in terms of intimacy, but I can be your best friend.”

If America can have a poet laureate, can it also have an astute and comforting gay uncle? And can that uncle be Tim Gunn?