In a few weeks, my daughter will receive her first Communion. She’s so pleased with her little wedding-dress-like outfit, it’s made me start thinking about what I’m going to wear, probably a linen shift in a neutral. What do you suggest as shoes?Maggie

Manolo says, oh, how the Manolo loves the life passages! The weddings and births, the festivals and celebrations, even the funerals, as sad as they always are. But above all, the Manolo is especially fond of any event that requires the little children to dress up in finery. It is so wonderfully and warmly satisfying to see children included in our ceremonial life, or, even better, to see them be the center of our ceremonies!

Of the course, when preparing for any ceremony, one must be careful that the preparations and accoutrements not overshadow the solemn joy of the event itself. How often have the modern weddings, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras and sweet 16 parties become grotesque festivals of conspicuous display, robbing such important ceremonies of true meaning? Yes, strangely, live giraffes, private Justin Bieber concerts and dresses with 40-foot-long crystal trains are not conducive to heartfelt emotion.

Thankfully, the Manolo has never attended the confirmation ceremony that has gotten this out of hand. Perhaps the Manolo just does not socialize with the right crowds.
Here is the Savy from the Vera Wang Lavender Label ($298), the properly vernal celebratory pump.