I’m getting a message. From the spirits.

They’re saying, “Don’t watch the ‘Mad Men’ season 5 premiere on March 25 at 9 p.m. on AMC. Watch the season 2 premiere of ‘Long Island Medium,’ also at 9 p.m., on TLC, instead.”

The titular medium is Theresa Caputo, shown, who says, “I talk to the dead.” She shares their views with the living, both for a fee and in random encounters with strangers. Her show drew 1.3 million viewers in Season 1. And that’s not even counting viewers in heaven!

Is Caputo real or fake? She’ll say: “Your cousin passed unexpectedly or in a tragedy?” Um, that is pretty much how EVERYONE PASSES! Yet she knows details she’d only know if a spirit told her, like the name of a stranger’s departed parent.

What I want to know is: Why don’t the spirits tell Caputo that a) ROOTS ARE SHOWING in your bleached hair helmet and b) your daughter’s hopes that dinner with her boyfriend and his parents will not be “awkward or weird” will be dashed IF YOU FILM THE DINNER FOR YOUR TV SHOW.

Perhaps the spirits didn’t mention these points because they were busy watching “Mad Men.”