This summer, my husband and I are taking our honeymoon in Ibiza. Sun, sand and dubstep concerts for two weeks! I don’t usually fall in the category of girls who need help picking the perfect shoes for any occasion, but my husband is different. I’m going to have trouble getting him to let go of his New Balances. What shoes should he pack? — Val

Manolo says, frankly, the Manolo prefers to go to Ibiza in the winter, when everything is quiet and the club kiddies are not there, partying down until all hours of the morning. But then the Manolo is now the old duddy-fuddy, who likes to shake his walking stick at the rambunctious youths as they cross his lawn.

Of the course, if you were the young persons, newly married and deeply in the love, then the Manolo thinks that Ibiza during the high season could be enormous good fun. There is much to see, from the pre-historic megaliths, to the bucolic countryside, to the English tourists vomiting in the gutters after the long night of revelry!

As for what your husband should wear, the Manolo suggests something espadrille-ish, as the Ibiza mode is casual and Mediterranean, and what is more casual and Mediterranean than the espadrille for the men?

Here is the Lado Espadrille from the Sperry Topsider ($80) in the black canvas, the Spanish shoe with the American twist. It also comes in the striped canvas!