Rhia, 29, is a management consultant. Michael, 32, is a software architect. They live in Arlington.

The Main Event: Their Hindu ceremony will be May 4, followed the next day by a Methodist ceremony and reception. Rhia’s godfather will be flying in from Trinidad to officiate the Hindu ceremony.

How They Met: First, she spied him at work, then she met him at office kickball. Though he had a girlfriend at the time, she thought to herself, ‘That is the guy I’m going to marry.’”

First Impressions: She fell down on her first kick. When she got up and did a twirl, Mike thought, “That girl has a great sense of humor.”

First Date: Watching a Florida Gators game at Bailey’s Pub & Grill in Arlington.

How he Proposed: He arranged to leave a bag full of champagne and strawberries at “their spot” on the Mall. He suggested she look inside, but “she was like, ‘I’m not looking in that bag — it’s not mine.’”

Most Hated Clothing Item: She’s a Florida Gators fan. During the 2010 season, he bought all the opposing team’s shirts.

Stupidest Fight: Over where to hang a fruit basket.