Shakinta, 31, is a project analyst. Theo, 30, is a post-production technician. They live in Alexandria.

The Main Event: They will wed April 21 in Triangle, Va.

How They Met: At church. One day after church, she was feeling ill and passed out. He caught her.

First Date: Bowling. They made a friendly bet that the loser would buy dinner. “Let’s just say I ate pretty good that evening,” Theo says.

How he Proposed: With a surprise birthday party for her at their church. He sang her a song in front of everyone, then he had her 4-year-old son come in with the ring and a T-shirt that said “Say yes, Mommy.”

When She Knew: Shakinta asked God for a sign. A few days later, her son mentioned having “two daddies” and said, “Mr. Theo loves you and he loves me. He’s not my daddy, but he acts like it.”