Avant-garde musician Genesis P-Orridge and his wife, Lady Jaye, were in the process of becoming one when she died in 2007. Their surgical body modifications were an artistic attempt to create a singular pandrogynous identity known as Breyer P-Orridge. This process is captured in the touching, loving film “The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye,” which opens Friday at Landmark’s E Street Cinema.

P-Orridge has always pushed artistic boundaries, from the late-’70s proto-industrial experiments of his band Throbbing Gristle to explorations of psychedelia and acid house with his Psychic TV project. But what’s sometimes lost amid the noise are P-Orridge’s breathtaking forays into melody.

The 1985 bittersweet tribute tune “Godstar” is about Rolling Stones founding guitarist Brian Jones, who drowned in 1969, and it’s one of finest indie-pop singles of its decade. Even more delicate is his 1983 song “The Orchids,” the most gorgeous ballad you’ll ever hear about genital piercing.

Sometimes simple beauty lurks at the edges of the extreme.

Download Now: Check out some Psychic TV tracks at http://is.gd/wf5KCr.