As Newt Gingrich’s presidential run falters, he’s turned to TV criticism. Everybody thinks they’re a critic! Gingrich targeted the spoofy soap “GCB,” based on the book “Good Christian Bitches” but reimagined as “Good Christian Belles” by ABC, above (Sundays, 10 p.m.). Gingrich says the show is anti-Christian. Stars of the show say: No, it’s not.

Clearly, it’s time to examine “GCB’s” religious content.

Bible verses: A husband lovingly recites to his wife a verse from Proverbs: “You are a virtuous woman, priceless beyond rubies” … and she is rich enough to own a bunch of rubies, too!

Christian charity: The owner of Boobylicious, a Hooters-like establish-ment, gives a job to a jobless woman.

Comment on biblical injunctions by Boobylicious owner: “There is nothing in this book that says you can’t own a booby bar.”

Comment from wife who does Adam-and-Eve roleplay with hubbie to ignite his passion: “You can’t get much hotter than Adam and Eve.”

Conclusion: Um, Newt, it is all very TONGUE-IN-CHEEK. Nonetheless, it’s inevitable that the show will offend some Christians — and bemuse others.