Out Friday (or midnight tonight if you’re planning on calling in sick tomorrow), “The Hunger Games” is a summer blockbuster that just happens to be coming out in the spring. For those who live in underwater caves with no access to contemporary pop culture, the film is based on the first book of a trilogy about a futuristic dystopia in which children are forced to fight to the death in a yearly Olympics of Gore. To start preparing for our inevitable bleak future, we present a few ways to make your typical party games a little more consequential.

Every game is a cat’s game with this new twist on an old favorite. All you need is a pen or pencil, a piece of paper and a big cat. (Though “tiger” is in the title, you may also use the leopard, cheetah or lion of your choice.) The only rule change is the loser gets eaten.

Spider Scrabble
Challenges become even more important in this variation on the classic board game. Because now, for every point left in your hand when the winner puts down her last tile, a poisonous spider is released in your bedroom.

Musical Electric Chairs
The title is a little misleading, because in this variation the FLOOR is electrified, while the chairs are safely grounded. When the music stops, the pain starts!

Rock, Paper, Shiv
Shiv stabs loser; rock smashes loser’s skull; no one ever chooses paper because paper really does nothing.

Pin the Tail on the Actual Donkey
Everyone’s favorite party game gets an incredibly painful kick in the throat!