Mouse to Monaco

Known for its classy, Nantucket-meets-NoHo chic, Club Monaco jilted us when it closed its Georgetown location (a Fashion Centre at Pentagon City store remains open). But starting March 26, women and men can score the brand’s urbane one-shoulder cocktail frocks (shown, $200), crisp pants and well-made shirts at a new e-commerce shop (, no hitting the Orange or Blue lines required.

A Brine Time

The salty-sweet bite of D.C.-made Gordy’s Pickle Jar’s Sweet Chips ($10, multiple area locations, see may wipe the names Heinz and Vlasic from your lips. Other vinegary offerings include Thai Basil pickled jalapenos, pepper-spiked Hot Chili Spears and Sweeter Pepper Relish, any of which would be an acidic foil to a ham sandwich or half smoke.

Hair Rasing

You exfoliate your face and body, so why not your hair? Aveda’s new Invati shampoo ($24, contains salicylic acid, tumeric and ginseng to deep-cleanse your scalp and hit the “refresh” button on locks. It’s gentle enough for daily use, and after a week of testing, our tresses felt fuller and soft, minus the residue some other products leave. Plus, the blend of lavender-, rosemary- and ylang ylang-oil makes it easy on the nose.

Best Buds

Who’s pumped to give up any sense of personal space and watch tourists videotape motionless cherry blossoms!? Us neither. That’s why we’re bringing the buds to us with sprigs from Little Shop of Flowers ($10-$15 each, 2421 18th St. NW; 202-387-7255). Though slightly different than the blossoms you’ll see lining the Tidal Basin, these are just as pretty, give off a soft floral scent and stick around for up to two weeks. Which is more than you can say about those visitors.

Small Miracle

You can still buy a 9-foot long sofa or a concrete dining table that’d seat the Duggar family at Restoration Hardware. But the industrial-cool chain also just launched a collection of not-so-ginormous pieces aimed at those living in non-McMansions. Somewhat shrunken furniture includes steel-top tables for four (shown, $2,700), Swedish-style chairs (shown, $300) and chandeliers sized for cottages, not three-story atriums.mod dui erosto odit lore tetum velis nullamet alit venibh elit ute tatem zzrit, ver iure minibh ex eu facipis ciliscin