Baback, 30, and Lauren, 30, are both IT security consultants. They live in Vienna.

The Main Event: They will exchange vows at a semiformal ceremony at the DAR Museum on Oct. 27.

How They Met: At work. “Our first encounter lasted maybe 30 seconds since I was so scared to talk to her.”

First Impressions: “She was gorgeous.” “I thought he was really nice, but seemed nervous.”

First Date: They were supposed to get dinner and a movie, but she got a bad sore throat so they just saw the movie. “He brought cold medicine and my favorite candy bar, and treated me to a cherry Icee.”

First Kiss: Outside a bar in Georgetown on Halloween night. They were in different bars and her friends didn’t want to leave, so she said she had to go to the bathroom but instead snuck out of the bar.

How He Proposed: During a staycation at the Madison Hotel for their three-year anniversary, with personalized Georgetown cupcakes as another surprise.

Pet Names: She is “Soulmate” and he is “Goose,” “because he’s so silly.”

Making It Unique: Persian cuisine to celebrate Baback’s heritage and a Pittsburgh cookie table.